Yagami Taichi.

”My hands were lopped off at the wrists.”


”My hands were lopped off at the wrists.”

by ひでこpermission to upload this image was given
by ひでこ
permission to upload this image was given

He hates u


He hates u


More fun with brushes >w>Azel (c) team-reverie!


More fun with brushes >w>

Azel (c) team-reverie!

Anonymous asked:
what would you do if you saw takeru masturbating?


"I’d watch for a bit. Then surprise him. Then kind of laugh at him. And after he stops being mad at me, go ahead and finish what he started." 



When the male next to him grab onto the other handle he blinked a few times. Maybe the other saw his struggle and decided to try and help, or maybe he didn’t but either way Takeru rather hold onto someone random than falling. He lifted his hand up slowly as the train started to move. He grip the stranger’s arm, looking at him from the side a bit shyly. 

A small smile formed on his lips. It was really awkward but it was worth it. Safety before anything after all. “Hope you uh.. don’t mind..” he said in a very soft voice. His grip on the male’s arm tightening when they too a turn. 

The tiny touch was loud enough to shock Taichi out of his drowsy state. He snapped his eyes opened snapping his head down to where he could see the small hand grabbing on his arm, and the smaller stranger that it was attached too. 

Unable to hear him, he pulled off his ear buds. The turn came around and using his foot he managed to keep himself from swaying too hard. 

Once the train leveled itself once more Taichi sighed. Well he wasn’t going to be cruel and tell the guy to leech off. It was better to be held by the arm then suddenly rammed by him. 

"…" Taichi didn’t hear what the guy said earlier. So it took him some thinking to come up with a response, "You can keep holding on until a seat comes available." 

Incognito mode // Taichi + Koushiro



"Ugh." Taichi tapped his middle finger on the backspace button as he failed yet again, "My terrible ability to remember what protons are has nothing to do with the matter on hand." Taichi blew his bangs out of his face. He said something else. Muttering under his breath as he chewed his bottom lip and continued pressing possibles passwords. 

Koushiro stood there for a few more seconds as Taichi proceeded until he couldn’t really take it anymore, not wanting his computer locked down. “It’s a thumb print you need. And you don’t have my thumb print, Taichi. So put it down.” he moved to his night stand and took out a bottle of pills, pouring one out into his hand. “Alright? I really don’t want to hack into my own computer to get me back into it.” 

Taichi looked at Koushrio. His almond shaped eyes seemingly more round with the practiced flare of his family bloodline trait of puppy dog eyes. Holding up the laptop with the keyboard facing toward Koushiro Taichi jut out his bottom lip in a small pout, “Koushiro please unlock your computer for me?” Taichi mewled and fluttered his eyes. 

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Why don't you like Yamato and Hikari together? D:


"That bastard doesn’t deserve my sister."