Yagami Taichi.

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Never Too Late


Takeru moved more into his chest as he waited for Taichi’s answer. His hands shook a bit as he gripped onto his shirt a bit tighter. He was trying to be quiet to not let Hikari hear his sobs since she did lay on the other side of the closed curtain. 

He guessed that the doctors closed them to at least give some privacy. Which was fine by Takeru because all he really wanted to see at the moment was just Taichi. 

When he heard his boyfriend’s response he looked up at him with still watery eyes. It was nice to hear. It was nice to know. He knew he could be a pain in the ass but Taichi stayed because he.. he loved him. 

"K-K-kiss me…" He whispered, still looking in Taichi’s eyes. His legs shifted though it hurt to move the thigh that he stabbed himself. 

He wondered how long they’d keep him. He wondered what Taichi was going to do when he left here. He wondered if Taichi would visit everyday. Or if Taichi would try to spend the night sometimes. He wondered a lot of things and wanted to ask so much but he was still so very tired. 

And he still had that lingering feeling that he wouldn’t want to wake up again. 

Taichi cupped Takeru’s cheek. The grooves of his fingers dragged along the smoothness of Takeru skin, dabbing away the tears like a pliant sponge. 

He tilted his Takeru’s head. Gently of course. To ensure this he did most of the work and lowered down, giving Takeru a light kiss. It wasn’t strong. It was hard to say that the usual passionate sparked that started off their relationship even fired embers. 

But it was sweet. Takeru’s natural taste was always there no matter how well off he was. 

It counteracted the bitterness that lurched in the back of Taichi’s tastes. It remedied that leftover foul taste that could be best be compared to the coating on a malaria pill. 

For Taichi it counted as something important. The small peck on the lips as starting to become more of an right rather than a well earned reward. 

Taichi sighed. Takeru was tucked back into his gentle embrace, this time Taichi rubbed large circles on his back. His mind did wander as he stared off at the bland wall. 

He knew Takeru was okay. But at the same time, Takeru wasn’t exactly okay. Changes would have to be made. Shit, Taichi would have to take him to therapy or something of the sort. It was a delicate problem. And Taichi had a clunky way of handle obstacles. 

Not to mention. His pride was pecked away at the humiliation of it all. 

What the fuck did he do wrong. 

What reason did Takeru have for a second suicide attempt. 

"Takeru." Taichi called out. His throat raspier than usual. His tone more domineering than intimidating, "Am I not enough?" He found himself asking before he could convince himself that it was the wrong thing to ask. 



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A maybe not so pleasant surprise


Daisuke couldn’t react quick enough to back away from Taichi. He didn’t expect the other to whirl around and have him instantly slammed up against the wall. his back hit hard against it and a loud thud followed. He blinked in surprise as he started at Taichi. Wow, he was really strong. 

Then he smiled. 

But that was his Senpai. Taichi could do anything. 

"Nope." Daisuke replied to his first question. "I mean you could but you don’t have to. What? i didn’t do anything wrong." When he was let go, Daisuke fixed his shirt and frowned as he was ordered out. "But why? It’s not like I’ve never seen it." He said. "And besides you just have such a handsome build. What’s the issue? And your skin is so warm and smooth… Come on, let me stay? I promise I won’t touch. Senpai please? I don’t want to be left alone out there." 

One day. Taichi is gonna kill Daisuke for his idiocy. 

"Out. Now." Taichi seethed as he poached his kouhai as if he were a cub in the savanna. Tossing him just outside his room before leaning against his doorway. Daisuke was a nice guy. Honest. He was. He was just an overgrown puppy that still needed to learn to not chew up other people’s shoes. 

"Consider this your punishment then," Taichi pointed a finger at Daisuke, "Stay here for ten minutes. Got it? Don’t care what you do so long as you stay there.” Taichi shut the door closed. 


A Visit To The Royal Family of Arnold & Son.Read the full article on WatchAnish.com.


A Visit To The Royal Family of Arnold & Son.
Read the full article on WatchAnish.com.

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