Whether from will or chance, as I step on the heads of others.
With Audacity alone. I can undertake everything.
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Ha. Quite the analogy in it’s own right. 

"So." Taichi didn’t move, "You’re gonna judge me. The person that kind of swore his life and shit to you. All because you have a ‘feeling’. As the impulsive one among our infamous group. I can say from experience that this is not the right course of action for you Keru." 

"And what makes you think you can tell me what is the right course?! Move aside Taichi! I don’t want to hear anymore excuses!" He replied, his lips forming into a deep frown as he was not pleased with what Taichi was doing. "Move.. Or I swear.." 

"Or what?" Taichi crossed his arms. His tone just as cocky as his posture. Takeru’s intimidation stunt wasn’t really much of a phase for someone of his past. 

Silver Cruiser

Spike sniffed the damp soil. His curious paws trudging the mountain landscape with a dainty jump of excitement as he climbed around the new foliage. Slowly but surely, the small pup found its innate curiosity stronger than his obedience level and he continued to explore farther and farther way from Taichi’s line of site. 

"…Shouldn’t we go after him?" BlackAgumon asked as he started noticing Spike’s bushy tail becoming faint in his field of vision. 

Taichi shrugged. Not really feeling up to expend the effort of actually saying his thoughts. The soft bark of the fallen tree trunk felt comfortable against his back. Though there were plenty of leaves and pine needles strewn about the forest’s ground. Taichi didn’t really mind as he sat with his arms in his pockets and his jacket collar popped up against his neck. 

BlackAgumon’s sigh was silent as his movement. Not bothering to adjust his hood from falling off, the digimon trotted away to go after Spike. 

The forest life was silent. Leaving Taichi alone with only a few whistles of the wind and a tiny crack of some kind of plant matter to fill in the space. Heading off into the mountains usually recluses Taichi to a better mood. Even more so when he just went ahead and skipped following the blazed trail and found a quaint little spot to just chill in. 

But for some reason. No matter if he shut himself out of the world he was living in. He couldn’t find a way to shut his mind off. 

Centimeter by millimeter, the wheels kept turning in his head. Never fully coming to a full stop. Whether it was about a stray thought, one of the few persons he actually gave a care for, or some of the more tempting imaginations. The disfigured cloud of thought would slow it’s pace, but never fully stop itself from growing it’s size. 

That’s what made it more annoying for Taichi. 

The more he tried. The worse it got too. 

He sat in the silence for a moment longer before he got up. Brushing off the dirt that patterned on his sleeves, slowly walking forward to find his stray monsters in the forest. 

Maybe his ‘stress’ was just of a different caliber this time around. 

Whatever. He could go on without rest for a little while longer. 

A maybe not so pleasant surprise


Daisuke was surprised how easily Taichi pulled him off, but then again this was his Senpai. He could do anything! He was just that amazing! 

"Well.. you could be-" He was caught off as his collar was grabbed. He smiled at Taichi, a goofy kind of smile. "I’ve been around. I haven’t been far from you. I got my ways into people’s homes. It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. Haha. Okay Senpai!" Though he didn’t really take the last sentence to heart. "Whee" The sound left him as he was tossed to the couch and he landed on his bottom and lower back. He sat up as Taichi gave him an order and left the room. Though he didn’t want to keep sitting here alone, like he had been while waiting for Taichi.

So what does he do?

He does exactly what he was told not to do.

He got up from the couch and walked quietly to Taichi’s bedroom door. After years of watching people and sneaking into houses, he really got the hang of it to not be loud. He slowly opened the door and quietly entered, shutting the door very softly. Taichi’s back was turned from him and this only made Daisuke smile more. He walked up behind Taichi and put his hand on the other’s warm back. 

"You got really nice smooth skin there, Senpai." His fingers traveled down the other’s spine lightly. 


Taichi felt a hand on his lower back and his eyes snapped wide opened. 

The shit he had just taken off was still rolled over on his wrists. In a quick SNAP he whipped around and used his shirt as a makeshit lasso. Immediately acting on instincts as he grabbed whoever it was by the collar and slammed him against the adjacent wall with a blood withdrawn fist that was ready to slam that someone’s face in. 

Then he realized who it was. 

He was gonna kill this kid one of these days. 

"Daisuke what the fuck!" Taichi kept him suspended against the flat wall but shook his fist so it could unclench itself, "Damn it I just can’t take my eyes off you for a damn second can I!?" Taichi shouted resisting the urge to flinch-punch him just out of spite. He let go of Daisuke, rubbing his temples before pulling the drain on his face away, "Out. Now." He pointed at the door, using the same kind of tone as he would Spike. 

//I keep reading that one meme where Willis found Taichi bloody and bruised.. I still can't get over it. I laugh each time i read it //

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